DMI Help Resources

Welcome to the Help page of the Decision Management Institute’s (DMI). From this location, you can reach a variety of Help resources associated with:

Decision Patterns

This page provides guidance on how to use the DMI’s decision patterns for Life, Product Design and Business and a description of various decision clusters (decision-making situations) within each pattern. It will help you break down any complex situation into well-framed, bite-sized decision-making “chunks”.

Decision Methods

This page provides guidance on the DMI’s Decision Management methodology, aka Decision DrivenĀ® Design, with explanation on the purpose for and execution of each step in that process. Learn how to Plan Decisions, Make Decisions and Manage Decision Consequences.

Decision Tools

This page will provide you with “How to” guidance on features of the DMI’s Open Decision Tool (ODT). Learn how to navigate the tool and perform common tasks.

Special Topic Tutorials

From time to time, the DMI will publish specialized guidance that combine pattern, method and tool help into an easy-to-follow tutorial on how to tackle a unique decision-making situation, e.g. “Lost My Job” or “Find a Mate”.