Help: Decision Patterns

DMI members have created a rich set of decision patterns based on 30+ years of Decision Management experience. These patterns can help you:

  • Anticipate the important questions that you will face in any business, educational or life situation.
  • Frame each decision as a fundamental question or issue that demands and answer or solution. Separate decisions that seem jumbled together.
  • Jump-start your decision-making by providing a set of typical evaluation criteria that you can tailor to match your decision goals.

Our decision patterns have been created for use in the Open Decision Tool; each decision-making situation below has been further broken down into decision clusters. Find the cluster that best matches your situation and download the associated .clst file that you can later import into the Open Decision Tool.

Life Design Decision Clusters

The Life Design decision pattern has been broken down into the following decision clusters:

  • My Vision, Identity & Values
  • My Personality
  • My Learning & Growth
  • My Habits
  • My Spirituality (Relationship with God)
  • My Relationship with My Mate
  • My Relationship with Family
  • My Relationships with Friends & Community
  • My Vocation, Career & Education
  • My Location & Housing
  • My Transportation
  • My Health Management
  • My Safety
  • My Time
  • My Wealth
  • My Recreation
  • My Pets
  • My Communications
  • My Legacy