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  • The value of a decision
    How do you justify why a specific decision is worthy of an hour or two of analysis time and effort.  This is typically delivered as a form of pushback, “I would never spend that much time making a decision – you’re making it too hard”.  … Read more
  • A foundation for great thinking
    Last week I was asked what I do for a living. Rather than give a long explanation concerning Decision Management and Systems Engineering consulting, I went with the short version, “I teach people how to think” and followed it tongue-in-cheek with “It’s a tough job, … Read more
  • Proactive Decision-making
    Often decisions are a surprise.  They pop up spontaneously like a fork in the road, seemingly out of nowhere.  They usually have a deadline that leaves one scrambling to meet it.  You have to quickly find a friend who knows something about this topic (like … Read more
  • What is a decision?
    When we use the word “decision” in everyday speech, we use it in two different ways.  When I am looking forward to a fork in the road of life, I might say, “I need to make a decision – which college should I attend?”  The … Read more