ODT Changelog

This page holds descriptions of changes to ODT-demo grouped as releases to the heroku sites.

Original versioning used a [stage]major.minor[‘patch’] indicator with the stage indicated as ‘d’ for development and the ‘patch’ level indicated with sequential lettering . The development releases were tagged with a release number dx.yz.[a-z] and the date of the release the test site is captured. [a-z] indicate the commits during development. The release number without a ‘patch’ and indicated as Live captured the date of push to a ‘public’ site.

Starting with d0.34 the versioning scheme moved to [stage].major.minor.[‘patch’] indicator with ‘patch’ becoming numeric. [stage] uses ‘d’ to indicate development and ‘v’ to indicate production.

You can check the release level of software by looking in the help (?) on the site header.

d.0.39 Clean-up

  • update to Meteor 2.2
  • fix form input names on clusterAdd
  • add index input to ClusterAdd and ClusterChildAdd
  • adjust Navigator width and layout

d.0.38 Links

  • d.0.38.01
    • fix exposing password on sign-up & reset
    • adjust text fields on cluster adds
  • d.0.38.02
    • basic linking from lists prototype
  • d.0.38.03
    • convert linkSource to a shared function
    • Display selected sourceNode type
  • d.0.38.04
    • display links and allow follow for all node types
  • d.0.38.05
    • delete links
  • d.0.38.06
    • removed parent context for linked editors
    • include source name in SourceLink hover-over
    • switched source/sink link tables
    • link creation user feedback – red background 3 seconds

d.0.37 Patterns [2021-04-13]

  • d.0.37.01 MIS-LABELLED as d.0.36.07 [2021-04-08]
    • add last login time to user record
    • clean-up Session variables in resetSession
    • expand activate editor to all columns in lists
    • enhanced ‘info’ modal with ‘stock’ messages
    • add ‘sysPattern’ & ‘prjPattern’ to Cluster ‘scope’
    • convert ‘editors’ to controlled components
    • disable editing of projects with scope sysPattern
    • removed tagged unused files
    • extracted baseElementSchema defs now used by baseDomainElement
  • d.0.37.02
    • Patterns back in Navigator
  • d.0.37.03
    • allow export of system patterns from Projects page
    • allow projectAdmin/sysAdmin to reset pattern to scope = private from Projects page
  • d.0.37.04
    • Allow all users to export System Patterns
  • d.0.37.05 [2021-04-08]
    • really allow all users to export System Patterns
  • d.0.37.06 [2021-04-11]
    • pattern copy
  • d.0.37.07 [2021-04-12]
  • d.0.37.08 [2021-04-13] Live [2021-04-13]
    • stop ‘Working’ from stepping on copyPattern new name

d.0.36 Functions

  • d.0.36.01 [2021-03-09]
    • add Functions
  • d.0.36.02
    • Convert db to single primary domain data element – ‘Node’
    • Remove access to “Pattern” cluster
  • d.0.36.03 [2021-03-17]
    • fix 004 Project/Cluster Import
  • d.0.36.04 [2021-03-20]
    • removed display of Decision with Alternatives
    • pre-004 Project/Cluster Import
    • import total number of decisions (remove 50% truncate)
    • import cluster indices
  • d.0.36.05 [2021-03-23] Live [2021-03-26]
    • op #336 Project sort by index
    • op #337 Indicate ‘Working . . . ‘ on Project delete
    • op #338 Save edits to cluster, general cluster editor clean-up
    • op #339 Import risks for pre-d.0.36-03 clusters
    • add show UIDs option: select in Profile, display in lists & editors
  • d.0.36.06 [2021-03-30]
    • Fix non-saving Feedback

d.0.35 Feedback

  • d.0.35.01 [2021-03-04]
    • add “Feedback” button to title bar, modal data entry and db feedback element
    • correct title bar “Main Project” on return to projects list
    • add Feedback viewer to SysAdmin page
    • add Feedback export to xlsx from SysAdmin page
  • d.0.35.02
    • cancel feedback button adjust
    • export feedback systemInfo
    • update feedback info and display

d.0.34 Export/Import Update

  • d.0.34a
    • update index scheme to single digits
  • d.0.34b
    • make requirement type an enumerated list populated from clientConfigs
    • Remove unused references to decision.addCriterion
  • d.0.34c
    • json export simple cluster sets
  • d.0.34.4
    • export a single decision
  • d.0.34.5
    • export a decision cluster set
  • d.0.34.6
    • import a single decision pre-d.0.34
  • d.0.34.7
    • separate Project from other clusterSets
  • d.0.34.8
    • update format of clusterAdd
    • present Top Level Project in title bar for project editing
    • Session variable activeUser => currentUserId
    • Session variable auActiveCluster => auActiveClusterId
  • d.0.34.9 [2021-02-08]
    • version.js => versionInfo.js, version =>exportVersion, make constants, add exportFormat
    • import ‘clusters’ pre-d.0.34
  • d.0.34.10
    • import single decision d.0.34
  • d.0.34.11
    • import requirement cnode d.0.34
    • import stakeholder needs cnode d.0.34
  • d.0.34.12
    • delete/purge clusters
  • d.0.34.13
    • export Project, single level
  • d.0.34.14
    • import project
    • op #318
  • d.034.15
    • import riskopps for d.0.28+
    • index expanded to 2 digits for criteria, alternatives and riskopps
    • re-work xlsx export
  • d.0.34.16
    • decision importing
    • risks/opps importing

d0.33 Clean-up of d0.32

  • d0.33a [2021-01-09]
    • directly use Meteor.user() rather than state or session variables
    • update system messages to new base decision element schema
    • personalize verification message
  • d0.33b
    • expanded description field to 2000 characters
    • export StakeholderNeeds and Requirements to spreadsheet
  • d0.33c
    • consistent Help/About rendering
  • d0.33d
    • apply updated clientConfig mechanism
    • simplify existing field setup
    • add fields to clientConfig.json
  • d0.33e
    • add index to riskopps (which allows save)
    • remove riskopp-detail layer
  • d0.33f
    • op # 294 & 304 UI layout updates to Lists, Editor- Format & scrolling
  • d0.33g
    • op# 303 New object creation panels overrun page
  • d0.33h
    • spider chart labels
  • d0.33i
    • stop adding member to clusters > once
    • display members on first render
  • d0.33j
    • more layout work
  • d0.33k [2021-01-16]
    • even more layout & got #309
    • picked up a lost file change

d0.32 Requirements [2021-01-09]

This release just grew. It meant to add stakeholderNeeds and requirements but ended up touching so much more….

  • d0.32a [2020-11-25]
    • added created by/date and lastEdit by/date for performance
    • clean-up dead code after returns
    • fix purge active/default cluster on delete a cluster
    • added criteriaEditorContainer
    • criteriaList clean-up
    • add placeholder activeCluster on new user create
  • d0.32b [2020-11-25]
    • allow single digit input for ‘index’
    • add index to Criteria and Alternatives
    • expand Criteria add and Alternative add
    • op #176/246: remove Criteria and Alternatives Lists in Decision
  • d0.32c <2020-12-07>
    • remove AppFrame, use TitleBar directly at top of page rendering
  • d0.32d <2020-12-13>
    • op#277 single level 2 digit index on Criteria/Alternatives
    • expand single digit index level values with a leading ‘0’
  • d0.32e <2020-12-16>
    • remove ability to add “Patterns” (interim step so we can still export patterns)
    • create cluster ‘Sets’ schemas & dbs:  Project, SNs, Reqmts, Decisions, Functions
    • Create display of cluster_sets under cluster_editor
    • Allow creation of cluster_sets under cluster_editor
    • Allow editing of cluster sets
    • Added a ‘debugMessage’ utility function
    • op#281 remove ‘return’ from main page
  • d0.32f <2021-01-04>
    • add scrolling to appropriate windows
    • prep for new content area/types
  • d0.32g <2021-01-04>
    • return ‘analysis’ to life with updates to container/presentation components
  • d0.32h <2021-01-06>
    • TitleBar return button update
  • d0.32i [2021-01-07]
    • implement panel window (static titlebar area & app-content w/optional navigator)
    • add requirement node
    • add stakeholderNeed node
    • repair displays for node lists, adds and editors & profile

d0.31 Live [2020-11-08]

  • d0.31b [2020-11-06]
    • correct return function from profile
  • d0.31a [2020-11-03]
    • Update Alternative after risk/opp edit
    • Reinstate alternative/criteria filtering
    • Single pass System Message display

d0.30 [2020-10-26]

  • Allow SysAdmin to delete users
  • Add system messages display on login
  • Add Privacy Policy click-thru
  • Add Terms of Service click-thru

d0.29 [2020-10-11] Live [2020-10-21]

  • Remove risksopps when deleting an alternative
  • op #237 Add owner column to Clusters list in SysAdmin
  • op #238 Preserve Alternative attribute changes
  • op #239 elaboration => growth for opportunities
  • op #240 Remove risk/opportunity fields in alternative editor
  • op #243 Lost criteria & alternatives in 3 decisions in restored .clst file
  • op #245 Update export/import to new format

d0.28 [2020-10-04] Risks/Opportunities

  • op #065 – Add Risk & Opportunity node types & editor w/import/export
  • export/import Risks and Opportunities
  • add index field, sort on index field
  • various clean-up
  • import d0.27 version .clst files
  • allow sysAdmin to ‘verify’ a user
  • get email server from environmental variables
  • adjust order of Probability/Consequence
  • Rationale => Mitigation/Elaboration in risksopps lists

d0.27 [2020-09-17]

  • op #075 – Indicate changes have been entered and they have been saved
  • op #111 – Import Decisions “panel” doesn’t wrap
  • op #219 – Stretching text box adjusts width within panel
  • op #224 – Default Criteria Type to Maximize
  • op #225 – Decision Class enumeration values
  • Remove decisions from Navigator display

d0.26 [2020-09-10]

  • Fix cluster multi-decision import
  • Add ‘Preference’ column to Alternative List
  • Add Threshold & Objective to Criteria Name in Performance Display
  • Format editors consistently
  • Stabilize Stretching text boxes in editors

d0.25 [2020-09-07]

  • Fix check for active cluster returning from cluster editor
  • Add Alternative Preference and Alternative Preference Rationale fields
  • Show performance field default data as light blue
  • Update Decision List display to 5 columns
  • Fix inconsistent update of DecisionList when changing clusters
  • Add load fontawesome icons to client from cdn to provide icons in Navigator

d0.24 [2020-08-31] Browser icons/ bug fixes

  • Re-institute import/export
  • Performance styling
  • Single ‘save’ for performances for a criteria
  • Display members for projects/patterns in SysAdmin page
  • Added ‘user online’ to SysAdmin user display

d0.23 [2020-08-24] Admin Function

  • Add change password to user profile page
  • SysAdmin page added to profile for users who are sysAdmins
  • added default SysAdmin setup via file
  • Added all users display
  • Added all clusters display
  • Added sysAdmin user editor
  • Added sysAdmin cluster editor
  • 1:2 allocated width for decisions, criteria and alternatives lists
  • Display email address for project/pattern members

d0.22 [2020-08-18] Bug Fixes

  • OP-178: Import cluster failed due to scope value
  • OP-157: Admin can’t delete projects

d0.21 [2020-08-17] Cluster Enhancements 2

  • X.getDecisionsX and ‘where-used’ upgraded to array input
  • Two-line title block / update editor title
  • Correctly handle ‘activeCluster’ if Cluster has been removed
  • Decision import split to UI & utility (client)
  • Move import utilities to server
  • Export decision utility on server
  • Export cluster utility on server
  • Refresh decision title/description on save
  • Full delete of cluster children on delete

d0.20 [2020-07-29] Cluster Enhancements

  • Open Decision, Criterion and Alternative editors with single click
  • Fix routing on return from project page without active project set
  • Clean-up Criterion and Alternative delete functions in editors
  • Navigator remembers expanded and checked nodes
  • Increase default number of objects displayed in lists
  • Session variable reset on logout
  • Repair Criteria/Alternative filtering
  • Add Public/Private setting to Cluster
  • Default Cluster across projects & patterns
  • Export a Cluster to a .dcn file

d0.19 [2020-07-11] Clusters and fixes

  • Implement clusters
  • Only project owner can delete project
  • Project and Pattern based on Cluster
  • Fix mismatched property type in performanceList
  • Re-enable editing performance score and reason

d0.18 [2020-06-18] Bug Fixes

  • Load and display Criteria Threshold/Objective/MinMax & Weight
  • Re-instate new account email verification
  • Verify that ‘MyPerformance ‘ is not being used
  • Reload decision list after an import
  • Correctly show associated decision name in the title bar for Criteria and Alternative editor

d0.17 [2020-06-11] Navigator panel and clean-up

  • Convert Alternative List to Grid
  • Convert Criteria List to Grid
  • Convert AlternativeList, CriteriaList and Performaces to use container components
  • Make ‘editor’ formatting consistent
  • Add associated decision to subtitle on Alternative List and Criteria List pages
  • Send user to Project Page if Default and/or Active Project not set
  • Track ‘context’ in a client global Session variables,
  • Simplify the “DecisionEditor” route
  • Direct “Help” to the /dmi-help-resources page
  • Navigator panel allows selection of active Project
  • Load Client configuration data to a local client db

d0.16 [2020-05-26] Panels and clean-up

  • No access to project until email verified by verification email or password reset email
  • Add Help icon/drop-down in title bar and adjust user drop-down
  • Add ‘reason for performance score with a ‘save’ button
  • Move decision actions to the Decision Editor page
  • Access Decision Editor by double-click on decision title
  • Right align “Reason for Score” in Performance editor

d0.15 [2020-05-13] Projects clean-up and Automated test setup

  • Verify import decision functioning
  • Convert ‘Owner’ role to a member attribute vs. a Project attribute.
  • Delete decisions associated with a Project before deleting the project
  • Remove deleted Project from Default and Active Project if so set
  • Project member list update on Add/Remove
  • Add automated test framework to development environment

d0.14 [2020-05-04] Schema checks

  • Added default filename on export json
  • Set min/max value limits for weights and scores
  • Default Criteria weight to 1 on import if not set
  • Change Decision title on import
  • Data is checked against the Schema before stored to DB (previously exported data with Criteria weights will need to be converted to integers)

d0.13 [2020-04-26] Spider chart

  • Default Criteria Weight = 1 so a Performance weighted score exists by default
  • Tornado Chart: weighted score, force tick marks to integers, dropped y-axis label
  • Initial Spider chart
  • General chart formatting

d0.12 [2020-04-23]: Tornado chart

  • Initial Tornado chart
  • Blocked adding Decisions with no projects
  • UI simplifications
  • Clear from form after adding a user to a Project

d0.11 [2020-03-16] Post “Project Support” Cleanup

  • Combined login/signup page to landing page
  • Logout after signup to force email verification before use
  • Update decisionAppGrid to container/presentation components
  • Fixed import/export file string input
  • Fixed (stopped) display of active project if not logged in
  • Fixed display of active project if not set
  • Fixed empty initial load display of decisions
  • Link to help file in logged user dropdown
  • Release version displayed with ‘About’ button
  • Added embedded release version
  • Clean-up ‘withRouter’ use
  • Split decisionEditor to Container/presentation components
  • More consistent presentation of Performance scores

d0.10 [2020-02-29]: Project support with multiple members

  • Create schema
  • Create a per-user project page showing Owned and Member projects
  • Allow user to create projects (which they become owner for)
  • Allow user to set as the ActiveProject any Project they are a member of.
  • Allow user to set as the ActiveProject any Project they are a member of.
  • Project editor page accessible by clicking on the project name
  • When a user logs in, set the the ActiveProject as the default  projects
  • Create a Project Editor page that displays Project you Own and Projects you are a Member
  • Project Editor: Allow user to set default and active projects
  • Project Editor:   Allows modifications of attributes by Admins
  • Project Editor: Display users of Projects you own
  • Force Decisions to belong to a project ( the one it is created under ) [add  Project ID to Decision ]
  • Only display Decisions associated with the active Project
  • Project Editor:  Allows additions / removal of users by Admins
  • Project Editor:  Allows change to member roles by Admins
  • Project Editor:  Allow Owner (Admins?) to delete a Project

d0.09 [2020-01-30]: UserButton

  • Cleanup logged user button adding dropdown with About, Profile and Logout
  • Removed Logout button from bottom of pageCleaned up profile page for later additions

d0.08 [2019-12-23]:Clean-up/bug fixes

  • Email server cleanup
  • op107: Save decision edits
  • op106: Delete confirm added
  • Delete icon (trash can) added
  • Split Decision Actions between Decision List and Decision Editor

d0.07 [2019-11-28]: Basic export to spreadsheet.

  • Added spreadsheet export button to decisions list
  • Decision, Criteria, Alternatives, Perfomances exported to four sheets in a workbook with a file save dialog.

d0.06 [2019-11-23]: Expanded user authentication function.

  • Added email verification on enrollment.User name in addition to email.
  • Display of logged in user with link to a profile page.Password reset function via email link

d0.05 [2019-11-07]: Implemented decision list as a grid.

  • Hooked ‘Return’ to history.Added “loading….” to main page.
  • Original ‘block’ Decision List accessible at ‘/decision-app-block’

d0.04 [2019-11-04]: About page

  • Updated ‘About’ to a local page.
  • ‘About’ / ‘Return’ button in AppFrame.

d0.03 [2019-10-19] Performance scores

  • Import of performance scores working

d0.02 [2019-10-11]

  • Some CSS updates to change the look of the ODT-demo.
  • bb#16/op#61: added an “About” button with a link to the wiki
  • bb#19/op#64: fixed Criterion minmax storage
  • bb#13/op#78: left justify name/description
  • op#82: add element types to export file
  • bb#17/op#63: fields not restored on import (all except Performance: Score)

d0.01 [2019-10-07]

  • Installed the first partially working export/import code.
  • op#59: added alternative editor