ODT Changelog

This page holds descriptions of changes to ODT-demo grouped as releases to the heroku sites. The development releases are tagged with a release number dx.yz[a-z] and the date of the release is captured. The date of the push to the public site is indictated as Live. You can check the release level of software by looking in the help (?) on the site header.

d0.34 db migration & Export/Import Update

  • d0.34a
    • update index scheme to single digits

d0.33 Clean-up of d0.32

  • d0.33a [2021-01-09]
    • directly use Meteor.user() rather than state or session variables
    • update system messages to new base decision element schema
    • personalize verification message
  • d0.33b
    • expanded description field to 2000 characters
    • export StakeholderNeeds and Requirements to spreadsheet
  • d0.33c
    • consistent Help/About rendering
  • d0.33d
    • apply updated clientConfig mechanism
    • simplify existing field setup
    • add fields to clientConfig.json
  • d0.33e
    • add index to riskopps (which allows save)
    • remove riskopp-detail layer
  • d0.33f
    • op # 294 & 304 UI layout updates to Lists, Editor- Format & scrolling
  • d0.33g
    • op# 303 New object creation panels overrun page
  • d0.33h
    • spider chart labels
  • d0.33i
    • stop adding member to clusters > once
    • display members on first render
  • d0.33j
    • more layout work
  • d0.33k [2021-01-16]
    • even more layout & got #309
    • picked up a lost file change

d0.32 Requirements [2021-01-09]

This release just grew. It meant to add stakeholderNeeds and requirements but ended up touching so much more….

  • d0.32a [2020-11-25]
    • added created by/date and lastEdit by/date for performance
    • clean-up dead code after returns
    • fix purge active/default cluster on delete a cluster
    • added criteriaEditorContainer
    • criteriaList clean-up
    • add placeholder activeCluster on new user create
  • d0.32b [2020-11-25]
    • allow single digit input for ‘index’
    • add index to Criteria and Alternatives
    • expand Criteria add and Alternative add
    • op #176/246: remove Criteria and Alternatives Lists in Decision
  • d0.32c <2020-12-07>
    • remove AppFrame, use TitleBar directly at top of page rendering
  • d0.32d <2020-12-13>
    • op#277 single level 2 digit index on Criteria/Alternatives
    • expand single digit index level values with a leading ‘0’
  • d0.32e <2020-12-16>
    • remove ability to add “Patterns” (interim step so we can still export patterns)
    • create cluster ‘Sets’ schemas & dbs:  Project, SNs, Reqmts, Decisions, Functions
    • Create display of cluster_sets under cluster_editor
    • Allow creation of cluster_sets under cluster_editor
    • Allow editing of cluster sets
    • Added a ‘debugMessage’ utility function
    • op#281 remove ‘return’ from main page
  • d0.32f <2021-01-04>
    • add scrolling to appropriate windows
    • prep for new content area/types
  • d0.32g <2021-01-04>
    • return ‘analysis’ to life with updates to container/presentation components
  • d0.32h <2021-01-06>
    • TitleBar return button update
  • d0.32i [2021-01-07]
    • implement panel window (static titlebar area & app-content w/optional navigator)
    • add requirement node
    • add stakeholderNeed node
    • repair displays for node lists, adds and editors & profile

d0.31 Live [2020-11-08]

  • d0.31b [2020-11-06]
    • correct return function from profile
  • d0.31a [2020-11-03]
    • Update Alternative after risk/opp edit
    • Reinstate alternative/criteria filtering
    • Single pass System Message display

d0.30 [2020-10-26]

  • Allow SysAdmin to delete users
  • Add system messages display on login
  • Add Privacy Policy click-thru
  • Add Terms of Service click-thru

d0.29 [2020-10-11] Live [2020-10-21]

  • Remove risksopps when deleting an alternative
  • op #237 Add owner column to Clusters list in SysAdmin
  • op #238 Preserve Alternative attribute changes
  • op #239 elaboration => growth for opportunities
  • op #240 Remove risk/opportunity fields in alternative editor
  • op #243 Lost criteria & alternatives in 3 decisions in restored .clst file
  • op #245 Update export/import to new format

d0.28 [2020-10-04] Risks/Opportunities

  • op #065 – Add Risk & Opportunity node types & editor w/import/export
  • export/import Risks and Opportunities
  • add index field, sort on index field
  • various clean-up
  • import d0.27 version .clst files
  • allow sysAdmin to ‘verify’ a user
  • get email server from environmental variables
  • adjust order of Probability/Consequence
  • Rationale => Mitigation/Elaboration in risksopps lists

d0.27 [2020-09-17]

  • op #075 – Indicate changes have been entered and they have been saved
  • op #111 – Import Decisions “panel” doesn’t wrap
  • op #219 – Stretching text box adjusts width within panel
  • op #224 – Default Criteria Type to Maximize
  • op #225 – Decision Class enumeration values
  • Remove decisions from Navigator display

d0.26 [2020-09-10]

  • Fix cluster multi-decision import
  • Add ‘Preference’ column to Alternative List
  • Add Threshold & Objective to Criteria Name in Performance Display
  • Format editors consistently
  • Stabilize Stretching text boxes in editors

d0.25 [2020-09-07]

  • Fix check for active cluster returning from cluster editor
  • Add Alternative Preference and Alternative Preference Rationale fields
  • Show performance field default data as light blue
  • Update Decision List display to 5 columns
  • Fix inconsistent update of DecisionList when changing clusters
  • Add load fontawesome icons to client from cdn to provide icons in Navigator

d0.24 [2020-08-31] Browser icons/ bug fixes

  • Re-institute import/export
  • Performance styling
  • Single ‘save’ for performances for a criteria
  • Display members for projects/patterns in SysAdmin page
  • Added ‘user online’ to SysAdmin user display

d0.23 [2020-08-24] Admin Function

  • Add change password to user profile page
  • SysAdmin page added to profile for users who are sysAdmins
  • added default SysAdmin setup via file
  • Added all users display
  • Added all clusters display
  • Added sysAdmin user editor
  • Added sysAdmin cluster editor
  • 1:2 allocated width for decisions, criteria and alternatives lists
  • Display email address for project/pattern members

d0.22 [2020-08-18] Bug Fixes

  • OP-178: Import cluster failed due to scope value
  • OP-157: Admin can’t delete projects

d0.21 [2020-08-17] Cluster Enhancements 2

  • X.getDecisionsX and ‘where-used’ upgraded to array input
  • Two-line title block / update editor title
  • Correctly handle ‘activeCluster’ if Cluster has been removed
  • Decision import split to UI & utility (client)
  • Move import utilities to server
  • Export decision utility on server
  • Export cluster utility on server
  • Refresh decision title/description on save
  • Full delete of cluster children on delete

d0.20 [2020-07-29] Cluster Enhancements

  • Open Decision, Criterion and Alternative editors with single click
  • Fix routing on return from project page without active project set
  • Clean-up Criterion and Alternative delete functions in editors
  • Navigator remembers expanded and checked nodes
  • Increase default number of objects displayed in lists
  • Session variable reset on logout
  • Repair Criteria/Alternative filtering
  • Add Public/Private setting to Cluster
  • Default Cluster across projects & patterns
  • Export a Cluster to a .dcn file

d0.19 [2020-07-11] Clusters and fixes

  • Implement clusters
  • Only project owner can delete project
  • Project and Pattern based on Cluster
  • Fix mismatched property type in performanceList
  • Re-enable editing performance score and reason

d0.18 [2020-06-18] Bug Fixes

  • Load and display Criteria Threshold/Objective/MinMax & Weight
  • Re-instate new account email verification
  • Verify that ‘MyPerformance ‘ is not being used
  • Reload decision list after an import
  • Correctly show associated decision name in the title bar for Criteria and Alternative editor

d0.17 [2020-06-11] Navigator panel and clean-up

  • Convert Alternative List to Grid
  • Convert Criteria List to Grid
  • Convert AlternativeList, CriteriaList and Performaces to use container components
  • Make ‘editor’ formatting consistent
  • Add associated decision to subtitle on Alternative List and Criteria List pages
  • Send user to Project Page if Default and/or Active Project not set
  • Track ‘context’ in a client global Session variables,
  • Simplify the “DecisionEditor” route
  • Direct “Help” to the /dmi-help-resources page
  • Navigator panel allows selection of active Project
  • Load Client configuration data to a local client db

d0.16 [2020-05-26] Panels and clean-up

  • No access to project until email verified by verification email or password reset email
  • Add Help icon/drop-down in title bar and adjust user drop-down
  • Add ‘reason for performance score with a ‘save’ button
  • Move decision actions to the Decision Editor page
  • Access Decision Editor by double-click on decision title
  • Right align “Reason for Score” in Performance editor

d0.15 [2020-05-13] Projects clean-up and Automated test setup

  • Verify import decision functioning
  • Convert ‘Owner’ role to a member attribute vs. a Project attribute.
  • Delete decisions associated with a Project before deleting the project
  • Remove deleted Project from Default and Active Project if so set
  • Project member list update on Add/Remove
  • Add automated test framework to development environment

d0.14 [2020-05-04] Schema checks

  • Added default filename on export json
  • Set min/max value limits for weights and scores
  • Default Criteria weight to 1 on import if not set
  • Change Decision title on import
  • Data is checked against the Schema before stored to DB (previously exported data with Criteria weights will need to be converted to integers)

d0.13 [2020-04-26] Spider chart

  • Default Criteria Weight = 1 so a Performance weighted score exists by default
  • Tornado Chart: weighted score, force tick marks to integers, dropped y-axis label
  • Initial Spider chart
  • General chart formatting

d0.12 [2020-04-23]: Tornado chart

  • Initial Tornado chart
  • Blocked adding Decisions with no projects
  • UI simplifications
  • Clear from form after adding a user to a Project

d0.11 [2020-03-16] Post “Project Support” Cleanup

  • Combined login/signup page to landing page
  • Logout after signup to force email verification before use
  • Update decisionAppGrid to container/presentation components
  • Fixed import/export file string input
  • Fixed (stopped) display of active project if not logged in
  • Fixed display of active project if not set
  • Fixed empty initial load display of decisions
  • Link to help file in logged user dropdown
  • Release version displayed with ‘About’ button
  • Added embedded release version
  • Clean-up ‘withRouter’ use
  • Split decisionEditor to Container/presentation components
  • More consistent presentation of Performance scores

d0.10 [2020-02-29]: Project support with multiple members

  • Create schema
  • Create a per-user project page showing Owned and Member projects
  • Allow user to create projects (which they become owner for)
  • Allow user to set as the ActiveProject any Project they are a member of.
  • Allow user to set as the ActiveProject any Project they are a member of.
  • Project editor page accessible by clicking on the project name
  • When a user logs in, set the the ActiveProject as the default  projects
  • Create a Project Editor page that displays Project you Own and Projects you are a Member
  • Project Editor: Allow user to set default and active projects
  • Project Editor:   Allows modifications of attributes by Admins
  • Project Editor: Display users of Projects you own
  • Force Decisions to belong to a project ( the one it is created under ) [add  Project ID to Decision ]
  • Only display Decisions associated with the active Project
  • Project Editor:  Allows additions / removal of users by Admins
  • Project Editor:  Allows change to member roles by Admins
  • Project Editor:  Allow Owner (Admins?) to delete a Project

d0.09 [2020-01-30]: UserButton

  • Cleanup logged user button adding dropdown with About, Profile and Logout
  • Removed Logout button from bottom of pageCleaned up profile page for later additions

d0.08 [2019-12-23]:Clean-up/bug fixes

  • Email server cleanup
  • op107: Save decision edits
  • op106: Delete confirm added
  • Delete icon (trash can) added
  • Split Decision Actions between Decision List and Decision Editor

d0.07 [2019-11-28]: Basic export to spreadsheet.

  • Added spreadsheet export button to decisions list
  • Decision, Criteria, Alternatives, Perfomances exported to four sheets in a workbook with a file save dialog.

d0.06 [2019-11-23]: Expanded user authentication function.

  • Added email verification on enrollment.User name in addition to email.
  • Display of logged in user with link to a profile page.Password reset function via email link

d0.05 [2019-11-07]: Implemented decision list as a grid.

  • Hooked ‘Return’ to history.Added “loading….” to main page.
  • Original ‘block’ Decision List accessible at ‘/decision-app-block’

d0.04 [2019-11-04]: About page

  • Updated ‘About’ to a local page.
  • ‘About’ / ‘Return’ button in AppFrame.

d0.03 [2019-10-19] Performance scores

  • Import of performance scores working

d0.02 [2019-10-11]

  • Some CSS updates to change the look of the ODT-demo.
  • bb#16/op#61: added an “About” button with a link to the wiki
  • bb#19/op#64: fixed Criterion minmax storage
  • bb#13/op#78: left justify name/description
  • op#82: add element types to export file
  • bb#17/op#63: fields not restored on import (all except Performance: Score)

d0.01 [2019-10-07]

  • Installed the first partially working export/import code.
  • op#59: added alternative editor