Decision Protection

Decision protection is risk management for our project or process using the Decision Driven® Approach. The decisions we make today can affect the project/process further along its timeline making decision risk management. Methods for addressing risk probability or impact:

Risk assessment:
    ▪   Reassess the selected alternative’s responses to the criteria and determine if there is
         sufficient expected margin to continue to meet the go/no-go limits. If the associated
         requirement can not be adjusted to more acceptable limits a response is needed:
    ▪    Propagation review (Identify upstream & downstream decisions): Identify derived
         requirements and and their allocation. If the derived requirements relate to previously
         completed decision analysis, make sure that the derived requirement does not affect
         the selection.

Mitigate Risks:
    ▪   Prevent: take action to reduce the probability of this risk
    ▪   Monitor: this limit should be placed on a higher priority watch list to trigger contingent actions
    ▪   Prepare: capture ideas to reduce the seriousness of the risk if it appears

Decision Driven® is a registered trademark of John Fitch. Used with permission.