Alpha Readers

(updated 2023-06-07)

Thank you for taking a look at the initial draft of this offering. I/we appreciate the time you spend and any comments you can provide. We released incremental versions previously and have incorporated some suggestions in the later sections. Many more suggestions will find their way back into the earlier sections and be included with the overall rework to get to the beta version.

A little background for perspective. This effort is based on a training workshop offered by Systems Process Inc and Decision Driven® Solutions primarily to engineering organizations. This release of the material will have an engineering feel because it is more effort to make it more generic. We expect that less technical versions will exist for personal use and possible versions with other sets of examples for professional but not engineering use. This alpha pass is meant to remove the hands-on, instructor led ‘feel’ and to gather feedback about information that is missing in text, but would have been answered by an instructor, so it can be added. PLEASE ASK ALL THE QUESTIONS YOU HAVE.

If you are interested in additional background on the generation if SDM-DDA, take a look at John Fitch’s article here:

Although a work-in-progress, the links referenced in the pdf are active and in case they don’t open are: “tools” (Resources – Decision Management Institute) and “DMI Website” (Decision Management Institute – for information, contact:

The version below represents the topics that will be covered in the release of this product. I expect expansion of some sections to bridge the gap between live delivery with Q&A and self-paced, less interactive reading. Sections 2-4 provide the basics of the structured decision making process and its application as the bridge between steps and levels in the development process. They demonstrate the acceleration and increased quality that come from purposely focusing on high return decisions at the appropriate time. Section 5 begins to expose more advanced uses.

Structured Decision Management using a Decision Driven Approach_alpha-FINAL.pdf

If you have comments or suggestions, please send me an email at or DM me on Discord.

Thanks again (and on to the beta-version).