Alpha Readers

Thank you for offering to take a look at the start of this project (who thought that writing a book would be a project?). I/we appreciate the time you spend and any comments you can offer. We are incrementally releasing the sections as they are edited and we will be freely releasing the final result. Each release will include the previous sections with any updates for consistency and considering any comments (if anyone want to see changes over the process). The TOC covers the proposed full offering.

A little background for perspective. This effort is based on a training workshop offered by Systems Process Inc and Decision Driven® Solutions primarily to engineering organizations. This release of the material will have an engineering feel because it is more effort to make it more generic. We expect that less technical versions will exist for personal use and possible versions with other sets of examples for professional but not engineering use. This alpha pass is meant to remove the hands-on, instructor led ‘feel’ and to gather feedback about information that is missing in text, but would have been answered by an instructor, so it can be added. PLEASE ASK ALL THE QUESTIONS YOU HAVE.

If you are interested in additional background on the generation if SDM-DDA, take a look at John Fitch’s article here:

Although a work-in-progress, the links referenced in the pdf are active and in case they don’t open are: “tools” (Resources – Decision Management Institute) and “DMI Website” (Decision Management Institute – for information, contact:

The older releases of the beta versions are at the end of the page in latest release to original release. This latest version contains all the previous sections although they may have been edited from the previous releases.

Here is section 3: (2023-04-27). This section is more technical. Please let me know what is unclear.

If you have comments or suggestions, please send me an email at or DM me on the Discord.
Also, let me know if you’d like me to directly let you know when new sections are completed.

Thanks again.

Older versions if anyone wants to see the progression